List dating questions who is demi lovato dating right now 2016

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You’re not the type to roll over after sex and just go to sleep.You want to curl up in a big ball with your partner and cuddle.You’d prefer to have a partner at all times, rather than dealing with the hurt and anguish of going through a messy breakup or spending time being single.

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This means they have no real way of not dragging emotional baggage from one relationship to the next.

This carefree feeling of love and happiness with multiple partners one after another stimulates exhilaration, passion, and excitement.

Once they repeat this pattern and gain the same results, before too long, serial monogamy becomes a habit.

Relationship addicts need to learn to love themselves first, instead of looking for self-love in other people.

This kind of approach may boost their ego and self-confidence, but it only works for so long before it just becomes a crutch.

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