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Its date of construction is uncertain, because Hadrian chose not to inscribe the new temple but rather to retain the inscription of Agrippa's older temple, which had burned down.

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The inscription was maintained as a homage to Agrippa.At its thickest point, the aggregate is travertine, then terracotta tiles, then at the very top, tufa and pumice, both porous light stones.At the very top, where the dome would be at its weakest and vulnerable to collapse, the oculus actually lightens the load.I read just yesterday that people got into a fight and were arrested at the Trevi Fountain over trying to take selfies! They even check the pictures , adjust their hair or smile and with re-take the pic. Is anyone else mystified to see people IN ITALY in gorgeous locations, in perfect weather, STARING AT THEIR PHONES and not interacting with anyone or even appreciating where they are for their own sakes? On Nude Live you can sex chat with cam girls, watch free cam shows, or private chat with cam girls that will do just about anything you ask them to.

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