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In 1983, only 9 percent of alcohol ads used sex to sell booze. Sexually arousing entertainment ads increased from 10 percent in 1983 to 33 percent today, and 51 percent of beauty ads now include sexiness, compared with 23 percent in 1983.Modeling sexuality Women are overwhelmingly the vehicles by which advertisers portray sexuality, the researchers found. In 1983, 11 percent of all advertisements contained sexy women, and only 3 percent contained sexy men.

Though sexual imagery is used to sell almost everything, even banking services, the bulk of the increase has come in ads for impulse buys: alcohol, entertainment, beauty supplies.Environmental activist group Greenpeace released a video today to emphasize the need for greener manufacturing of today's game consoles.The three console manufacturers were found guilty of using various hazardous chemicals and materials, such aspolyvinyl chloride (PVC), phthalates, beryllium and bromine indicative ofbrominated flame retardants (BFRs).Just more than a quarter, or 27 percent, of clothing ads showed sex appeal during the study period, compared with 23 percent of travel ads and 21 percent of entertainment ads.The overall uptick in sexiness was driven by increasingly sex-obsessed ads for alcohol, entertainment and beauty products.

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