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Larry was out at sea a lot, and once was thought to have drowned, which caused a lot of angst for Peyton.(Good news: He was fine.) He was a loving dad (ish) for a couple of years when Peyton was a teenager, but never showed up when Peyton and Lucas became parents to baby Sawyer, which kind of sucked.And also, he has sex with a woman who looks just like Brooke, but isn't Brooke?I don't know, the whole thing is Royal Scott, a.k.a. Being a pretty nasty guy who caused generations' worth of trauma, Royal comes up in conversation over the years, but only ever makes that single appearance for a birthday dinner. Kevin Kilner played Peyton's Hot Dad Larry in seasons two and three, and then disappeared forever (which probably contributed to some of Peyton's angst).Which brings me to this: Real Derek is played by Ernest Waddell, who rose to fame later on Elisabeth Harnois once played Shelley, a Tree Hill High student in season four who founded Clean Teens, a group for committed high-school virgins.Sadly, this all went to hell when Shelley fell for Mouth Mc Fadden and promptly had sex with him in an upstairs bedroom at a house party (as high schoolers are apt to do).This wasn't because she had cold feet, mind you, but because Keith's brother (and eventual murderer) Dan Scott had paid her to ?In his season six stint as erstwhile movie director Adam Reese, James Van Der Beek snorts coke, yells at Lucas, and is generally Not A Good Guy.

played Emily Chambers, who fell in love with Keith Scott in season two and promptly stood him up at the altar.

A year later, he came back and had sex with Millicent, who was battling a drug addiction at the time and, oops, still dating Mouth. I don't know, either.) Jack was the longtime best friend and, later, love interest of Samantha, Brooke Davis' foster daughter.

Then Owen the Bartender came back a year later, but now just as Millicent's friend. Evan Peters played a kid stuck in the foster system named Jack Daniels. Jack Daniels was also averse to ever getting a haircut, apparently.

In one of the most truly bonkers storylines of the entire series (which is a bold statement, I realize), Torrey De Vitto played Nanny Carrie, Jamie's nanny turned evil nurse turned homicidal maniac.

After this unforgettable season six storyline (which I do not mean in a good way), De Vitto joined in both seasons one and six.

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