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Chia-Hee and the warriors return to their village, where bare-breasted women justify the white girl's own nudity.

(A clever device; after all, she's one of the Wo-Do tribe, and can't be expected to dress any differently.) Chia-Hee gives a few commands in her native tongue, then climbs a rope up to her small tree house, where she lives high above the mud huts, as befits a white goddess.

In the morning, Jacqueline gives Chia-Hee a shower, then crops her mane.

She's given a blouse, tied in a knot at her midriff, and a pair of short shorts.

Viewers needn't concern themselves with that erroneous claim -- she was actually 15.

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His assistants flee, leaving Thoren to fend for himself. Thoren is held down, about to have his head removed, when a young girl whom the natives call Chia-Hee (pronounced Key-a-hee) shows up, blonde, blue-eyed, nude but for a scant loincloth of shells and beads, carrying the lion cub.Jacqueline, having already received a message that she was accepted by the Tropical Institute, must return to Hamburg, along with Tibor and his monkey specimens.Chia-Hee is being sent with them, to be restored to civilisation."Ah, that looks so much better now," opines Jacqueline.They make some progress when the girl recognises the German word for "mother".

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