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A short distance south of Sainte-Anne, Les Salines is perhaps the most beautiful and popular of the many beaches on Martinique.

Fort-de-France is the main city and capital, where you can explore architectural attractions and learn about the island's pre-Columbian and colonial past at the city's museums.Arching coconut palms frame views of the sea and provide perfect patches of shade where you can spread a towel and bask in all the beauty.Les Salines can be crowded with families on the weekend, but tends to be a little more tranquil during the week. Although it's not brimming with tourist attractions itself, bustling Fort-de-France is the capital of Martinique, the main port, and a launching point for island adventures.Martinique is a department of France, the equivalent of a state or province, and the local currency is the euro.Created by a passionate horticulturalist, the Balata Botanical Garden (Jardin de Balata) near Fort-de-France, features more than 3,000 species of tropical plants and flowers that cascade down a hillside, past ponds punctuated with water lilies and lotus blossoms.

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