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There are also Pareek, Agrawal, Jat, Maheshwari, Garasia and many more communities in Rajasthan.

It’s only during some special occasions that they put on traditional garb (that’s a personal choice, though).

There are a plethora of lesser-known places, such as Churu, Bundi, Mandawa, Rajasmand, Pratapgad, Sikar among others, which are aesthetically, culturally and historically significant.

It’s true that the state is deeply rooted in its culture and customs, but like the dual nature of all things, Rajasthan also is a mix of traditional and modern, conservative and liberal.

Yes, the deserts are an astonishing and emblematic attraction of the state, but that’s not all the royal land has to offer.

Only the northwestern part of the state is sandy, while the rest is marked by pockets of greenery.

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