Maskedtextbox validatingtype datetime

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The value returned may include formatting characters specified in the Mask property.See the Text Mask Format property for more information.For example, to set the Validating Type to a Date Time you will need to do the following: Again you need not set this property if you are using a predefined mask.Note: The Validating Type property looks for a static method named “Parse” that must be present in the Type to validate the content.Text Mask Format This property determines whether the string returned by the Text property includes literals and/or prompt characters.Use the Text Mask Format if you need to modify the format of the string that is returned by the Text property of the Masked Text Box control.

This sets the mask to which seems incorrect since it should be LL which can be manually entered. My Command.path) M00Func.ps1) #共通関数の読み込み $arr = New-Object System. Array List[] 40..3 | % $mask Text = New-Object System. Validating Type = [Date Time]$mask Text.add_Text Changed() [void]$arr[0]. I don't want to use Date Time Picker or anything else, now, I just want to know if this control is poor, or am I missing something.Check following ype Property": do not in themselves guarantee that a user's input will represent a valid value for a given type." So you need to set the Validating Type() to Date Time or Time Span, and then handle the Type Validation Completed() event to somehow display an error message.

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