Medication storage dating of multi use containers

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Yes, the general rule is that multidose vials should not be used after 28 days, however the best approach is to ask the manufacturer for the specific expiration date, as some medications may have a shorter time frame.I have struggled in finding guidelines for prep solutions that come in containers that may be used for more than one patient (i.e., Povidine Iodine solutions).It would be helpful to have one evidence-based recommendation for discarding used multi-dose vials that healthcare personnel and surveyors can both utilize.A: When we wrote our position paper, our communication indicated that staff were to follow their own hospital policy.

They should be used for a single patient and discarded.We have encouraged our clinicians to make these products single patient use or to at least discard at the end of the day.Are there any guidelines you are aware of that relate to prepping solutions and multipatient use?Everyone would agree that it should be discarded if the sterility of the vial is in question.Prior to discarding it though, contact your Iinfection Preventionist, as they may want the vial to culture it for microorganisms.

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