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But that didn't make her as depressed as you think, dear viewer. Then one day when Roll woke up crying again, she tells Mayl,"Mayl, I can't live like this anymore." She told Mayl,"Then stop thinking about Megaman." She said in a passionate voice,"I can't! nurse..." Megaman said, The nurse just barley heard Megaman and went to him."Where's... " Megaman asked, The nurse didn't know who Roll was, but she remembered the girl navi that came in with him,"She's in another room getting checked on, now rest, you need your sleep." The nurse said as she left the room.

In fact that made her even more exited, so when they would have there first kiss, It would be a suprise."How are you doing to day Mayl? As rolled (no pun intended) around, Roll went to Megaman's homepage."Hey Mega! Right as Roll's "Check up" was over the nurse came in and told the doctor that Megaman was awake. When Roll found Megaman awake she ran, healed him THAN started to hug him."Oh Mega! I'm not going to make it..." Megaman said with tears in his eyes,"What?

" (yea still keeping it a secret) love Roll or still just want to be her friend?

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" Roll asked her Op,"Just the best as usual." Mayl with the biggest smile on her face,"That's wanderful Mayl." Roll said smilling to at her Net Op,"Well thank you Roll." Mayl said,"Your welcome." Roll said,"Oh Mayl, you have mail from Lan." Roll said opening the e-mail,"What does it say? " Roll told Megaman when she teleported in,"Hey Roll what's up? Megaman I was healing you for the last two days and the doctors were doing stuff to you to." Roll said with tears in her eyes,"I over-heard the nurse talking to the doctor about how I have eternal bleeding in the back of my head... bye Roll." and Megaman died, (yea a little cheesy I know)"Megaman no... you're not dead." Roll said crying, She told the nurse and she told the doctor that the Navi that stopped the WWW about four times, stopped Gospel, and Stopped Dou was dead.

" Megaman said while getting up from his bed,"Nothing." Roll said blushing,"So what brings you here? she ran out of his homepage crying so hard that any body around Lan or Mayl could hear her. Roll it's ok." Mayl said with tears in her eyes, But Roll couldn't say anything, she was crying so much,"Roll... there's more guys out there than just Megaman." Lan said hugging Mayl,"But... so I won't have enough blood to my head." Megaman said,"So you can go and defeat the WWW, but you can't survive a bunch of rocks? The cyber world was shocked by the news and Lan was depressed and crying for two days after Roll told Lan Megaman was dead, Mayl was also with Lan through those two days...

Be ready for rapid-fire spontaneity or an ironclad calendar. If you really want to impress everyone, let her sleep while you get the pancakes going and put the coffee on, or take everyone on a doughnut run.

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