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Not that retirement slowed their pace down much; in the years since they got together, Fedor graduated from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business (Meryl is getting her anthropology there as well), Meryl earned first a silver and later a gold medal at the Olympics before retiring from the competition, and both have continued managing active careers on and off the ice."Adventure and travel has always been a part of our lives," explains Meryl.

"I've always traveled to with figure skating for competition and I think I just gained an early appreciation of how much a sense of place can impact your experience.

Maybe you guys should teach actual actors about this.

I think it comes from spending so much time together, that's sort of the main reason why we read each other's minds and finish each other's sentences. And it's understandable how that could arise, without the amount of time and the pressure that we're under, but I think that it's just as simple as Charlie and I got incredibly fortunate to have similar outlooks on life.

Obviously we're close and we definitely love each other, certainly; there's no way we could have come this far without that. We've been raised similarly, and I think the level of respect that we have for one another and our understanding of one another has allowed us to really enjoy the process instead of facing any obstacles that may have happened between us.

"Fedor was five years older than me, and when you're young, that that feels like a big difference.

So we are friends who've sort of blossomed over time."With such busy lives, the couple didn't begin to date until 2010, around the same time Fedor was preparing to retire from competitive skating.

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