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I have always loved the kind of paintings made for people that suppose don’t know how to paint, the drawings full of colors with aggressive strokes and absolutely non pretentious motive.

After a while I realized that there is a name for this kind of paintings: Art Brut, drawings made for people without art knowledge, the outsiders.

the Kids Art Gallery is a virtual gallery of paintings and drawings of children from around all countries and continents.That fresh earthy scent then gives way to an intriguing cocktail of cotton, cocoa and a little bit of musk.A couple of spritzes in the morning seemed to last us well into the late afternoon.Fresh ginger and bergamot hit you early on and are followed up with deep tones of fir balsam and incense.YSL says these two levels have been inspired by a classic white t-shirt and black jacket – we’re not sure about that, but we love it.

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