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11/18/2016 .33071 AM 936 12612 slsclient_cpp413 [SLS] Retrieving SLS response from server using ETAG "lt Wsyjl36fnzg R4MZLDNw Wk S Bp TJFr LWZwzas2Z 9Y=_1440"...11/18/2016 .33097 AM 936 12612 slsdownloader_cpp156 [SLS] Making request with URL HTTPS:// actually, the machine is going out to url- only to update the Windows Store Apps.There is no set timeline for the release of the store App updates, unlike patch Tuesdays.Delivery optimization (DO) was introduced in TH2, but it was only used for downloads of large content.DO in 1511 build is used in about 50% of the downloads, and when DO isn’t used the download switches to BITS.It is important that we understand and identify them instead of brushing them under the same stroke.I will try to add some important details to help you identify them.

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Not only the clients are reaching out to external Microsoft URL, outside of the internal update endpoint, but they are downloading a significant amount of data from the Microsoft content delivery gateway.

There are essentially two different behaviors that is being experienced here.

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