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Trained in conflict resolution, he participated in a youth peace conference at the United Nations and has been active m the African Culture Club and varsity basketball.

A birdwatcher and poet from Bangalore, India, who began writing poetry when she was 8 and was first published at age of 10.

Back home, she's cofounder and president of SAFE (Sane Alternatives to the Firearms Epidemic) Colorado, a post-Columbine gun-control initiative.

A young man from Staten Island, New York, who attended the 15th annual Black History Presentation in New York City and the Channel 13 Teen Leadership Conference focusing on hate in schools and communities.

The 1950s saw the construction of Ridgewood, Massell, and North Quadrangles; the administration center, comprising Gryzmish, Bernstein- Marcus, and Irving Enclave; the Wien Faculty Center; Goldfarb Library; Sherman Student Center; Kutz Hall; the Three Chapels; Friedman and Kalman Science Buildings; Shapiro Athletic Center; Pearlman Hall; and Slosberg Music Center.

During the 1960s, growth continued at a similarly frenzied pace, adding the Academic Quad, composed of the Golding, Olin-Sang, and Shiffman Centers; East Quad, including Swig Student Center; Heller School; Rabb Graduate Center; Gerstenzang Science Quad; Brown, Schwartz, and Lemberg Halls; Lindsey Sports Center; Rose Art Museum; Spingold Theater; Goldman-Schwartz Art Studios; and Rosenthal Residence Halls.

Slowing slightly, construction in the 1970s included Usdan Student Center; Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center; Lown School, which completed the Academic Quad; Mailman House; Sachar International Center; Feldberg Communications Center; and Pollack Fine Arts Center.

The 1980s saw the construction of Ziv Quad, Hassenfeld Center, and Farber Library, and in the 1990s the Volen National Center for Complex Systems, Gosman Sports and Convocation Center, and Shapiro Admissions Center were added.

But until now, research has tended to overlook how we remember what we see.Robert Sekuler and Michael Kahana, researchers at Brandeis University, are shedding new light on how visual memory works.Combining novel experiments and sophisticated computational Robert Sekuler and Michael Kahana tools, the scientists have discovered that visual memory is remarkably fragile.Now, in this first decade of the new century, with the addition of the Lois Foster Wing, we have significantly increased the size and influence of the Rose Art Museum. and Sandra Fineberg that will allow important renovation of the Rose's upper gallery, further enhancing the Museum's renown.We have just completed construction of the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Campus Center, a cutting-edge architectural achievement with great potential for enriching student life and enhancing the sense of community for the entire University.

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