Most recently used programs list not updating

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On the flipside, some Fluent Design effects stand out way more, such as the newly added drop shadows behind context menus.Speaking of which, context menus in Start, the taskbar, and other modern areas of the OS have been updated with Fluent Design, meaning they now feature things like acrylic blur effects, reveal effects, and drop shadows.A little reminder: exercise caution when changing the registry, as it can mess up your Windows 10 installation if you’re reckless.Again, you can check jump lists for apps or programs pinned to your taskbar on Windows 10 by right-clicking on the app or program.This is odd because Microsoft has a specific version of reveal for light interfaces that uses a dark highlight instead.

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So, if you use the light theme, pretty much all the interfaces you interact with will be light. Some of the Fluent Design effects, notably the reveal effects, don't show up too well in places like the Start menu.In this quick guide, we’re going to teach you how to fix jump lists in the Windows 10 Start menu as well as on the taskbar.First introduced in Windows 7, jump lists allow users to see their recent documents or to get hold of certain features from apps pinned to their taskbar or the Start menu.An app has support for jump lists if it has a small arrow beside it, where hovering your mouse over it can present recent documents or specific features.There was a time when after the shipment of Windows 10, users anticipated jump lists to work perfectly.

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