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Miss Martian, along with the rest of the Team, began taking training sessions with Black Canary.

On their first unofficial mission, a commotion at the Happy Harbor Power Plant, she used her powers sparingly.

She's become more experienced and adept at using her powers, and isn't afraid to use extreme measures to extract information, without showing remorse afterwards.

This changed after she did the procedure on Aqualad; still hating him for Artemis's murder, she used her mindblast on him, extracting all information from him.

In casual situations, she takes the appearance of a green skinned high school student, wearing a white or light pink T-shirt under a short-sleeved crop top sweater, skirt, knee-high socks with brown or dark blue shoes, and a headband to keep her hair back.

The sweater, skirt, and headband are either red, purple, or blue.

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