My exhusband is dating help

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And at 30 days he agreed to put the divorce on hold and has decided to attend individual therapy (something he said he didn’t need)! When I told my therapist about my strategy she didn’t believe it could truly work.

Not least of all we have our children's welfare in common. It is my pleasure to help him - not only is it fun for me but I really enjoy his company. He never acts romantic at all and gives me no indication that he would like the relationship to evolve. I'd love to ask him to go out with me on a regular date: something fun, like a movie or concert.I'd rather take what I have than risk not having his precious friendship.I would hate to think he would hesitate to call me because I put him on the spot. – I am a lonely painter, I live in a box of paints, Boston date.And it may take you some time before you can jump in and remodel his home. I'm pretty sure he'll go out of his way to help you cope with the rejection he doesn't feel the same way. Please do not let this turn into an unrequited love situation where you're remodeling his home so that he can live there with someone else with him never knowing that you were an option.And please, please, please -- give us an update when you know what's what. Should she risk the perfect friendship she has with the father of her children by asking him on a date?

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