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This is a guide for when the sunlight changes, starts to looks pretty fake really, and people seem to be passing by, walking and talking, in a suspiciously normal and low-key manner, despite the nature of the intensely dramatic revelation you have just been burdened by: I got this wrong. I had this moment looking out over Lake Merritt, watching the birds, and serving extremely dejected, tearful trans-masculine realness.(Something kind of nice about dissociation is even your most miserable moments have a romantic flair.)Perhaps you detransitioned and you never had this moment.

You came to the revelation slowly, cognitively, through reading a lot of blogs. The people unsure of how badly, exactly, they screwed up their lives.

Our map of addressing your problems is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

There might be times when you have some higher order needs figured out (a partner, a creative path you love) without having lower order needs met (enough food, physical health, secure housing).

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