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Do not contact any member unless you have already received clear unambiguous approval from them to do so, preferably in person.

Before you apply to join, read this: We are a secret group. PLEASE FILL OUT ALL QUESTIONS FULLY AND COMPLETELY.

Leadership has the responsibility & final decision on whether a member can attend an event, and may refuse inclusion in activities they decide the member is not ready or qualified for or because the type of event requires existing relationships within the community.

Remember, YOU NEVER have to go to level 2-4 events.

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Please share some of your identities with us (gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.) to create a vibrant community.• If you have a common name, please add an initial or last name.

Here's an overview of the level system: Level 1 is Social/Educational (workshops, classes, outings, discussion groups)Level 2 is Sensual (snuggle parties, group massage, sensation play: touch that is nurturing and affectionate)Level 3 is Sexy without an agenda. But many people are happy staying at Level 1 or 2 or 3.

People tell us our level system is the thing they like the most about our group.

To attend level 3 or 4 events, you must have attended several events at the previous level AND be approved by the leadership team (we have to know that you are great with boundaries - yours and others - and can take care of yourself and others).

The posted level indicates the maximum level of activity which may take place at an event.

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