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While leagues like WNBA's LGBT support has been controversial, WNBA players have been coming out of closet gradually. But we will stand against those who are trying to convert a straight person into LGBT's, and against those who try to be super politically correct, bashing the individuals who pinpoint the issues in the LGBT's community, labeling them the title "anti-gay" or "anti-LGBT." This article deals with seven of such proud names.

This is NOT one…When you’re Klay Thompson, life is good.

Some have even gone to the extent of calling them “a married couple”.

The revelation made by Angel Mc Coughtry illustrates how the stereotype and stigma of looking at lesbians in WNBA are all but finished. One thing I do know is that LOVE is a great feeling!

And Klay Thompson’s girlfriend history shows that life can be as good off the court as it is on the floor. His father, Mychal Thompson, helps him navigate the pitfalls that being an NBA star brings.

And while Klay has had his share of female attractors, it’s never devolved into scandal.

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