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The list includes Iaa S/Paa S, private/hybrid cloud, test and application development environments, big data processing and disaster recovery solutions, along with data storage and backup systems.

These technologies served as a standard technology stack for a long time.

There are cases when companies have object storage in a private cloud because it already has an appropriate low-cost automated infrastructure. All the data generated by the Large Hadron Collider is stored in a private cloud.

Today, companies are actively abandoning their own infrastructure in favor of cloud solutions.

It was all developed with the efforts of Iaa S providers.

According to the IDC research organization, by 2021, companies from around the world will spend more than half a billion dollars on cloud tech. At the same time, there is a clear tendency: The public cloud workloads are growing, while the situation is exactly opposite for the private cloud.

For example, tools that allow creating machine learning models, manage software deployment processes and analyze logs.

That’s why many felt the active development of a public cloud meant the final decline of the private cloud niche.

If the company is already working with the cloud, then cloud specialists are also exploring new features of the current platform and exploring services that will benefit a business in the future.

Four years ago, IBM listed seven cloud technologies to help businesses.

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