Ngee ann poly love and dating truth in advertising hits internet dating

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An ex-TP student we spoke to claimed that the TP Student Union Committees usually stay at the campus until nighttime to chill.But on certain nights, they’ll hear the sound of chains being dragged across the floor.Rumour has it that an Indian construction worker was binding wires inside a pillar when his colleague accidentally buried him alive with cement.However, no one realised he was missing until the whole building was almost complete.Apparently, this incident happened to a girl during a school camp when she was bathing alone at the last cubicle of Design School’s level 1 toilet. Then she hears loud bang—the second cubicle door was kicked open.

It is said that the headless ghost only wandered around 7.00pm to 8.00pm and somehow appeared more during rainy days.Source Being the oldest poly in Singapore, it’s no surprise to hear of SP’s spooky stories.The most iconic of them all is definitely the infamous red bridge.But when they open the door, there’ll be no visible culprit.Even a janitor who worked at TP for more than seven years said that anyone will have “spooky feels” in that room.

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