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Public locations with lots of pedestrian traffic are great.” In other tips, NHPD urges that people: 1.

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Your excitement at romance will be quickly undone When Brenda is really a dude with a gun Be cautious, warn cops, when looking for fun So the criminals, you won’t have to try to outrun The rendezvous spot should be chosen with care In New Haven - perhaps it’s a well-lit town square Just no darkened driveways - chose someplace elsewhere, Like a place you’d be proud to spark-up your affair How embarrassed you’ll be when your wallet gets robbed By Brenda - who’s really a delinquent named Bob The match you are seeking should be carefully picked Just be certain to avoid being conned, robbed or tricked.

It's important to standout and get the recognition you deserve. Same with photography, while anyone can own a camera not everyone knows how to use it to make you look your best. Your profile photos are an investment that can be used across all your business, dating and social platforms.

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But if that important message doesn’t stick, the department has another memory trick: poetry.

In a release about being careful about internet-based dating , police spokesman Officer David Hartman also included a poem he penned on the issue.

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