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CIHM Microfiche Series (Monographs) ICMH Collection de microfiches (monographies) Canadian Institute for Historical Microraproductions / Institut Canadian da microraproductions historiq jas Ckf\A This Ced( 10X Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques qjes The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original copy available for filming. Di (asunder), except in dilate, divers, and a few rare words. Re before a vowel, or when the word as a whole means to do again what the latter part denotes ; e.g., recount, to count again ; recount, to tell ; recreate^ to create anew ; ricreatef to refresh. Also before e mute, as in seethe, lithe, blithe, loaf he, and in the following plurals baths, paths, laths, truths, youths, oaths, sheaths, wreaths. Unaccented ce, Ci, ti before al, an, On, OUS, ent, ence represent the sound sh, as in ocean, optician, tertian, partial, herbaceous, spacious, conscience. D, handkerchief (h Sln'-ker-chlf, nothing-), Wednesday (wens- da).

Features of this copy which may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of the images in the reproduction, or which may significantly change the usual method of filming, are checked below. dl, too, in unaccented syllables, except in a few rare words. Before -ation ci- should be pronounced sh I-, not si, as pronunciation. G, gnat, coigne, sign, poignant, imbroglio (Im-bror-yo), seraglio(-r&l'y5), diaphragm(-fram), paradigm(-dlm), apothegm (&p'-o-th Sm), phlegm (fl Sm). In Juo'b, hospital, humble, the present usage is to pronounce the h.

□ Coloured pages/ Pages de couleur □ Pages damaged/ Pages endommagees □ Pages restored and/or laminated/ Pages restaurees et/ou pelliculfes Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ Pages dicolorees. ™yin„ ayuty, Besiity, Imhl (bal), ournle ku'iool), culinai-v rit,r kn ^ .

tachetees ou piquees □ Pages detached/ Peges detach^ ryi Showthrough/ I * ' Transparence □ Quality of print varies/ Qualite in^le de I'impression □ Continuous pagination/ Pagination continue Includes index (es)/ Comprend un (des) index Title on header taken from:/ Le titre de I'en-tite provient: □ Title page of issue Page de titre de la □ Caption of issue/ Titre de depart de la li n livraison vraison Masthead/ Generique (p^riodiques) de la livraison This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ Ce document est f ilmi au taux de r Muction indiqui ci-dessous. Browse, blowze, maour Howr or £rp n«r..'\ „^«, * i carouse, Mac Leod (ma-klowd)^ ^ ^' ^'''''^'' P*^""*^' ftoc 8tic«.

The following diagrams illustrate the method: Un des symboles suivants apparaftra sur la dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le cas: le symbole — ► signifie "A SUIVRE", le symbols V signifie "FIN". peuvent dtre film6s d des taux de reduction diff6rents. """^ ^ P'ace in every school (3) Section three is devotp H fo r^t,., FORMATIONS. ^"^^^^^^^^^ ^nd Word- theonly scientific a^d the tost tbo'^^^^^ "'^'°'^ ^^ °"^^ ;owed It is surely time^h T t t ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^-,^- bol- lock upon the correspondence of Anl f^'^'"°'°^« sounds. * **"*®^ """"S'' nar- (tongue, teeth, li,« &c.) „ear So H '" '^^ "^ tl'- mouth Bounds as s.

Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre reproduit en un seul cliche, il est film6 A partir de i'angle sup6rieur gauche, de gauche A droite, et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre d'images ntcessaire. sh, th (o/ S T^a U or'm^'.t *° f '^''«'=« ™' '""' '^"l always ing voiceless group (real^ i-sh is u T ^'"^ "o-espo S Further, ti befnm . ^v T -"""""«"" 'he sound usually indi-;,";^ ORTHOEPY. ^''^ f^^ digraph ng, are used to indicate the sounds produced when, the organs being in the positions forb! 26 Clench, deaf, get, said, says, (s Sz), steppe(stgp).

d and g respectively the breath is allowed to pass through the nose They are therefore called nasals (- nose-sounds.") 11. ihis practice is gaining 2 There is a class of monoavllables ending in n f F o«. In pronouncing many of the following words the sound ot a, as m ale, must be specially guarded against. Bade catch, {not ketch), sate (past of sit), acrid, arid, arrant ohahce (Is) davits, gl Sm Our, manor, navvy, pageant (pa S parol*, pastern, pastil, pastime, paten, ph J;nx,"raven(v) ra- venous, ravm, satyr (safer), ba^s relief (bas'-re-lef), fratr ildo (-8.d) matricide marigold, pacify, sacrament, sacrifice (-? (Do not say def, git.) Accented on the Jirst syllable.

alo, me, file, n Ote, pure, far, her, m Ove, uwl, owl, good, boy.

"^'u^W el retains the sound 5, except in a few words like ^«,./ (gl? Common exceptions — (i.) cyananide, sulphide, oxide. Bi, bin, Tri, except in Trinity, trimeter, trigono- metry, trilogy, Tripoli, trisyllable, trivial. — After r S, s represents the sound z, as in reside (r8- zid'), so retiiyn (r6 zin'), to give up j resign, to sign again. Bio, c Liro (kiro), palseo, phon, photo, proto, quasi, chaftno, (Ifica, d Sci, meso (m Szo), phllo, t6tra. (iii.) The following words, with their derivatives, Chaldee, chalybeate, chameleon, chamomile, chaos, character, charta, (but not chart, charter), chelonian, chemic, -ist, chimera, choir, choler,-a, chyle, chyme, anchor, anchoret, bronchitis, anarchy, anchovy, colchicum, conch, distich, echo, hypochondria, in- ORTHOEPY. choate, machination, monarch, orchid, orchestra, tetrarcli, Mocha, Chersonese, strychnine, melancholy.

Thus rculir/ff should be distinguished in pronunciation from rcll Zlrl^^ -ar generally has the so er, as vicar vl J-'-er) so ^r J\ ai^^ward as stanaarcl(.era), (-w^. S has the sound sh very often before unaccented i, as in Persian, transient, scansion ; and sometimes before u, as tissue, sure ; also in nausea, nauseous (-shl&, -shliis). S has the sound of zh (i.) in -sion after a vowel, (ii.) sometimes before U ; also in ambrosia, artesian, Elysian, clo- sure, osier. S has the sound gpz in auxiliary, anxiety, luxuiiant, -ous. (ii.) Initial bracit-, chalc-, chl, chr, chor (except chore), troch; chil- (-thousand), cheir or chir ( = hand).

Additional comments:/ Commenuires supplimentairet: L'Institut a microf ilm£ le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a eti possible de se procurer. T is generally silent in the endings -stle, -sten, as in jostle, moisten, Q68'-\, moys'-n), christen (kris'-n).

Les details de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-Ctre uniques du point de vue bt Miograph Klue, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la methode normale de f ilmage sont indiqufe ci-dessous.

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