Oab not updating cached mode

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Now the correct information could be seen in cached mode for the user.I might have a problem with my Offline Address Book in Outlook.With Diagnostics Logging for .– Default Offline Address List On closer inspection:– The reason these recipients show up in the “All Users” Address List is because that Address List is not part of the OAB – only the Default GAL is, as shown in the screenshot below..– The address on the General tab was corrected to match the default email address – [email protected]– The OAB was regenerated, and complete OAB downloaded in the Outlook client. And thus was solved the mystery of the missing recipients.But when I restore cached mode and restart outlook it's missing again. I tried deleting the This should be a server-level setting.Your Exchange admin should be able to configure the time interval between updates for your Offline address book downloads.

That will rule out a communications issue in receiving differential OAB updates. There's a lot of server-side info there that won't help you, but there are some client-side settings you can change to monitor & adjust Outlook's OAB-fetching behavior.I am active on Experts Exchange & Tech Net forums and I am a technical author for Search Exchange.Follow me on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook or Google for the latest updates. There are number of ways of solving this and I am sure you are all aware of it.Few solutions are to flip Outlook to online mode, download the new set of OAB files after getting the server to update it, getting the user to use OWA as a work around etc.

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