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We're telling you, these Amish chicks make sorority girls look like seasoned nuns.Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your bonnets and felt hats...This Amish girl has obviously had a hard day's work on the farm and elects to unwind with this sweet concoction. Amish people are not suppose to be in bars sipping on Cosmos. She's an Amish girl turned model, designer, humanitarian and TV personality now based in New York City; she's also known as the star of the reality show .

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Anywho..too see a red cup to the left, which means: either beer pong was being played, it's a keg party or/and it's a punch bowl in the vicinity. We could be delirious, but it appears that what is going on here is an Amish girl is making out with a boy!

The fact she's married to the church, but concealed weapons are one of her favorite things (which explains her enthusiasm for the NRA), shows us that this girl is off the yelzabub.

And why meningitis is on the list, that will remain an ongoing mystery. This Amish girl is shmoking hot; hourglass frame, buxom bottom, muscles, the whole kit and caboodle.

Shortly after, Stoltzfus moved to New York City to pursue a career in modeling and acting.

She's since modeled, been on reality TV and even launched her own fashion line.

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