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So if a straight woman doesn't message anyone, her inbox will be filled with messages from unattractive men, because men are "reaching" for women who are hotter than them.

HOWEVER, the game totally changes if a straight woman starts messaging.

But if you message a man first, he will be 6.6 percentile points MORE attractive than you.

Check out this chart: Your stubbornness is forcing you to settle, and you are NOT EVEN REALIZING IT. OKCupid found that if a straight woman initiates a conversation, she has a 30 percent chance of turning that conversation into a date.

If a straight woman messages a man, that man will most likely be more attractive than her (since everyoneis a reacher).

And OKCupid found that straight women are 2.5 times more likely than men to get a response if they initiate a conversation.

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