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First, people need to know more about machine learning.

You can’t read the news these days without stumbling across an article bemoaning the supposed rise of the machines -- how all of our jobs are going to be consumed by robot overlords and how this will result in the collapse of modern society.

Or in other words, the amateur doesn’t love the game enough to make it part of his life. Even though starting is important, it’s only the beginning.

The pro, on the other hand, understands that what he pursue needs to become part of his daily schedule if he really wants to make it. You don’t become a writer when you write one single post, two, even twenty.

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The study itself tracks several thousand couples over the course of several years.Finally, I’ve been married for 17 years (as of today, as a matter of fact), and I’m intensely interested in relationships and what makes them last.I learned so much throughout this process, and I’m excited to share our findings with people.In contrast, every time you choose to work undistracted on a task by your choice you kick the Resistance’s ass.To conquer this invisible force that is pushing you towards mediocrity you need to stay vigilant. Turning our daily lives into a TV-worthy soap opera is a symptom of the Resistance.

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