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When someone is bringing you the miracle of transporting yourself to the best seat at the best shows in the world, AND they are doing it for free, it’s not really hard to understand what our relationship with these brands was like.We were so predisposed to liking them in fact, that the brand didn’t even need to stand for anything very distinctive. –who cares they just brought me Joe Di Maggio and Jackie Robinson competing in the 1947 World Series. So what did innocent ole technology do to disrupt this hugely successful symbiotic relationship between TV consumers and brands?

I know what kind of commercials certain networks show right before returning to programming that serve as a cue for me to stop.

Within a matter of days, I remember walking over to the TV to flip the channel when the commercials would take too long.

Within a matter of weeks, I’d adopted the habit of lying close enough to the TV to flip the channels with my feet.

In my last post about the “New TV”, I explained why big media is likely to get more advertising revenue from New TV than Old TV.

I also suggested, however, that ALL TV advertising is dealing with a fundamental change in the way we, as humans, perceive brands, and that this transformation is likely to make TV advertising increasingly challenging.

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