Organization and spillovers in consolidating local industries updating a 70s ranch house

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'This provocative book goes beyond the aggregate data on economic growth in Africa to argue that industrial policy is the key to sustainable development.

Using comparative research to theorize about the politics of industrial policy in countries in the early stages of capitalist transformation that also experience the pressures of elections due to democratization, this book provides four in-depth African country studies that illustrate the challenges to economic transformation and the politics of implementing industrial policies.

Unlike phone calls, it’s much easier to imagine some giant corporate entity or government getting ahold of one of your chat transcripts and using it for nefarious means.

While many apps out there that do this, including Apple’s i Message, Whats App and Signal lead the way in both popularity, platform availability, and features.

The shifting politics of regime survival, state-building and democratisation in Museveni’s Uganda.

Is oil palm agribusiness a sustainable development option for Indonesia? Canadian Journal of Development Studies / Revue canadienne d'études du développement, Vol.

Automobile Industrialization in East Asia: Political economy of national performance. The Cocoa Farmers of Southern Ghana: Incentives, institutions and change in rural West Africa. 37, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization..

Conflict, collusion and corruption in small-scale gold mining: Chinese miners and the state in Ghana. Find out more about the Kindle Personal Document Service. Paper presented at Dialogue on Promoting Agricultural Growth in Mozambique, July 21, Maputo, Mozambique..

“Land belongs to the people of Uganda”: politicians’ use of land issues in the 2016 election campaigns. The BRICS’ impacts on local economic development in the Global South: the cases of a tourism town and two mining provinces in Zambia. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift - Norwegian Journal of Geography, Vol. Public-Service Provision in Clientelist Political Settlements: Lessons from Ghana's Urban Water Sector. The Economics and Politics of Local Content in African Extractives: Lessons from Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique.

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