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They love to use people until they gets what they want out of you and pretend like you never existed in a way that displays self centerism, mental weakness, narcissism, and toxicity.

Mindy Murray is the one because she is that prototype by pure definition.

She loves to lie and hide about her proud lesbianism, claiming she is only “friends with girls”, despite evidence that proves otherwise.

Mindy Murray is a walking disgrace to the hard working females and males worldwide.

You will get your heart broken, he loves Jim Beam Whisky, Hank Jr, and girls who have big butts!! Stay away from this guy if you are ever in Hilliard, Ohio!!!

So she was married to my brother and sleeping with my step dad while my mother was being treated on rehab for multiple sclerosis. She ruined our family by having an affair with him and made my mom move after 26 years.

Ladies watch your men because shes a flirt who likes to cheat and wreck lives. He treats woman like they are Princesses, and adores them beyond belief, once you fall in love with him he is gone off to his next flavor of the week!!

He doesn’t care if your married or not, all he cares about is getting into your pants!!

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She has a criminal record from New Mexico to Akron Ohio (summit county).

An egotistical drama queen who gets salty and butthurt when she gets exposed, this Kentucky slore doesn’t know how to be truthful and she hides behind every social media account possible as a result, lying about her life being together when she really doesn’t.

Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky has a huge toxic problem, and that toxic is in the form of Mindy Murray.

She does not have a single “friend” that she hasn’t had a sexual relationship with. If he appears to have money and is ill she’s even faster to strike.

She fakes psychotic episodes to make him feel sorry for her, she’ll promise him the world and pretend to care long enough to get whatever she wants then toss him out like trash. I’ve been on her *ss since December of 2018 and I’m not backing down any time soon.

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