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~Judy Kearns OPEN CALL FOR TRANSGENDER AND NON-BINARY ACTORS (French description to follow- Description en Français à suivre.) On Sunday, October 22nd 2017, CSA members around the world will be opening their offices to union and non-union transgender actors (including non-binary, gender non-conforming and genderqueer actors).Artists who are professionally trained as well as those actively pursuing professional careers as performers are welcome to attend.We will have a reader available but feel free to bring someone to read (off camera) with you.If you plan to use our reader please bring an additional copy of the scene for them.Questions or if you’re in a location where a CSA office isn’t available?Please email: CSAInclusionand [email protected] Inquiries: Ty Gates [email protected]~ ~ ~ APPEL OUVERT AUX ACTEURS TRANS ET NON-BINAIRE Dimanche le 22 octobre 2017, les membres de CSA a travers le monde vont ouvrir leurs portes au personnes transgenres qui sont membres union ou non-union (incluant les acteurs non-binaire, non-conformité du genre, et genderqueer).

Sociologists agree that children who have been bullied tend to become bullies themselves.

The president along with his clique of enforcers systematically drove many talented, dedicated and valuable members out of the organization when they questioned his leadership style, agenda and decisions.

My solution was to leave the old group and start a new one, based on bottom-up, member-driven policies and agendas. If the leadership of a small group on the fringes of the GLBT community means so much to them, their lives must be very sad and empty, indeed.

Researchers also agree that all bullies share two key personality characteristics: Low self esteem and profound insecurity.

Boys and girls bully differently but its still about power and control.

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