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However, when Paige wrecked her boyfriend Spinner Mason's car, she was forced to get a job to pay him back for the damage.

After a brief and unsuccessful stint at The Dot, she found herself working at a local movie theater alongside Alex.

Paige has high hopes that they could be together after graduation, but Matt breaks up with her; he already has a job lined up and tells Paige that he couldn't live the structured life she wanted.

Marco was Paige's best friend so Alex also starting hanging out with Paige more.

As time passed in Season 4, Paige and Alex started becoming friends.

Ellie complimented her outfit and Paige replied, "New year, new look, new Paige!

" Their relationship had substantially improved from the previous year, likely due to the fact that Paige had helped Ellie to realise that she had a problem and needed to stop cutting.

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