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First, is the fact that the program promises to give men a peek inside a woman’s mind so that you know how she thinks and exactly what she wants from you based on her “personality type” (I’ll discuss Vin’s theory of the 8 female personality types more below.) Obviously every guy wants to know what he needs to do to get inside a girl he likes’ mind and get her to want him, that is pretty much a given.

The thing that’s so appealing about Pandora’s Box is that Vin has a regimented system based on science and testing that is proven to give guys fool proof directions as far as what they need to do to seduce a particular girl once they have determined her “type” this basically goes against all of the other PUA advice out their, because until Vin came out with Pandoras Box it was like nobody had ever takenb into account the fact that you need a different approach depending on a girls personality…

unconsciously EVERY decision throughout my life has been influenced by that “core value.” …

if you actually go through all the material you will have a profoundly deeper understanding of women and a system for attracting them.When I first heard first heard of Pandora’s Box I already had heard of Vin Di Carlo and I always considered him one of the best.To be honest there is a ton of material in the program, from case studies to interviews, to PDFs and audios, videos etc…This post was inspired after going through Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box program.I am going to give you a “short cut” for reading a woman’s mind, and influencing her decisions.

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