Paul rudd dating history

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Matters take a turn for the worse when Tai's newfound popularity strains her relationship with Cher.Cher's frustration escalates when she fails her driving test and cannot change the result.Scenes depicting the high school campus, including the tennis courts, the outdoor cafeteria, the quad, and various classrooms were filmed at Occidental College in Los Angeles.The mall scenes were filmed at Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks, CA. Clueless opened theatrically in 1,653 theaters on July 19, 1995 and grossed ,612,443 on its opening weekend, which led to a ranking of second behind Apollo 13.

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Cher and Josh eventually admit their feelings for one another, culminating in a tender kiss. Hall and Miss Geist wed; Cher's friendships with Tai and Dionne are solidified; Tai and Travis are in love; and Cher catches the wedding bouquet, helping Josh win a 0 bet. Herb Hall, the real drama teacher at Beverly Hills High School, had a short scene as the principal in the film.

The plot centers on Cher Horowitz, a high school student, who befriends a new student named Tai Frasier and decides to give her a makeover.

Clueless was filmed in California over a 40-day schedule. The film grossed .1 million in the United States.

Knightly until Tai/Harriet asks her to set her up with Josh/Mr. Because of this, the two bicker on a near constant basis. Tai/Harriet Smith - Tai, representative of the young, fair, and socially awkward Harriet Smith, is a newcomer to Bronson Alcott High School.

However, as the movie progresses, Josh is shown to be more caring and considerate towards Cher, becoming defensive towards her choices of men and life choices. Soon after, she is swept off her feet by both Cher and Dionne as they help her (unintentionally) become the most popular girl in school, much to Cher's jealousy.

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