Paypal validating address information

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And I have the problem that when a user makes a typo on his shipping address and tries to pay with Pay Pal it will receive the following error: I know that this is due Pay Pal validating the shipping address on its end, but I was wondering if there is a way to completely disable this on Magento.The CVC (also referred to as CVV) is the three- or four-digit number printed directly on the credit card, usually either on the signature strip or the front of the card.// Turn off required fields after the user returned from paypal // /store/cart/?

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I haven't investigated this API deeply, but think there is probably a creative way I can use this tight coupling between a Paypal ID, and the HTTP/REST result returned to my application to verify various aspects of the buyer.If the postage provider returns additional errors, you will need to correct the address to create the label successfully.The address verification system encountered an error when attempting to validate the address, usually due to a missing or invalid value, or combination of values, in the City, State, and Postal Code fields.However, CVC verification does not protect against physical theft of a card, or card information used on a compromised computer or website that isn’t secure.The result of the CVC, address, and zip/postal code checks are ones that most payment processors pass directly through from the cardholder's bank.

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