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For both parties, the experience influences how—or even whether—one moves on with life and love.The best breakups, if there is such a thing, enable acceptance and minimize psychic wreckage, so that the pain of the ending doesn’t overwhelm the positive trace of the relationship.It should be read as a close companion to the safe-travel booklet Bon voyage, but... Before you leave, be sure to complete a risk assessment of any country you’re thinking of visiting.It will help you to choose a destination where you’ll feel safe and in your comfort zone.Yes, Virginia, people can fall out of love with grace and dignity—if only they learn how to give breakups a chance.New: Audio Book Version: The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online is a romantic tell-all memoir spanning over 250 online dates in almost 15 years. I felt it was important to spot the red flags in an online dating profile, laugh along the way, and help others who had to start their lives over again after a tearful breakup or a divorce. Seeing become a bestseller on its launch date brought me more joy than you’ll ever know. My online dating book is filled with heartfelt, witty, and hilarious stories, of which many of you will relate to. I just happened to be the first to write about my romantic journey in cyberspace.

And we’re learning fewer and fewer social skills.”As a result, remote shortcuts like electronic endings look deceptively appealing—although, at the very least, they chip away at the self-respect of the dumpers and deprive dumpees of a needed shot at closure.

When, in 2005, she met The Doctor on an online dating site, Spira was positive she’d finally found The One.

“He seemed very solid and close to his family,” Spira recalls.

“That was very appealing to me.”She took it as a sign of his integrity. Eight months of exclusive dating later, The Doctor asked her to marry him. But first, they put their individual homes up for sale so they could buy a place together.

They went house-hunting together nearly every weekend.

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