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“That, teamed up with the Hip Hop my brother was listening to, influenced where I’ve gone today, everything from Phil Collins, Depeche Mode, De La Soul, Madonna and the Beastie [Boys] to the [Boogie Down Productions] cassette I listened to on the way to school.” The genre-meshing on the album is accompanied by Pigeon John’s lyrics, which can become personal at times.

In fact, the lesson told by guest Abstract Rude pretty much certifies that the song is a fable rather than an autobiography. His single track, ‘Nothing Without You’, is already becoming an underground hip hop anthem.PJ’s shows are stripped down and legendary, melding energy and humor- he is uncut, raw, and hilariously honest.I'll keep that to myself I'm so stupid Well hello my little friends and look at them run I'm still at home with no ends and look at them run Hopping in a tricked out Benz and look at them run While I'm clocking in as a temp look at them run It is too late now to affect the whole world, or is it just dated now? They could care less who invaded now Really am I silly with the dreams of the milli'?

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