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She went on to briefly replace Eileen Brennan on TV's Private Benjamin (1983), and to play Captain Betty in the pilot episode of Stir Crazy (1985).Her film roles of the 1980s included Gremlins (1984), in which she was eminently hissable as Margaret Hamilton clone Mrs. Polly Holliday's more recent work has largely been confined to the Broadway stage; in 1989, she received a Tony nomination for her portrayal of Sister Woman in a revival of Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.She won renewed respect and critical notice for her Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie, her Tony-nominated turn as Big Mama in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and for her part as the lonely small-town schoolteacher in Picnic in 1994.From time to time she has taken on flashy roles in both comic and dramatic films, such as the old crank who meets a freakish end in Gremlins (1984), and on TV wherein she briefly replaced Eileen Brennan in the series Private Benjamin (1981) after Ms. Though Polly never recaptured the dazzling success of her Alice (1976) years, she has continued at a healthy pace -- primarily in guest spots where she plays wise and opinionated mothers and grandmothers.Rising to nationwide fame by virtue of her oft-repeated catchphrase "Kiss mah grits!", Holliday earned four Emmy nominations and one Golden Globe Award.The two-time Golden Globe winner and Emmy-nominated actress hit it so big with fans (she introduced the catch phrase, "Kiss mah grits!

Whether or not we see Polly in any other roles in the future is unknown, however one thing remains true, she will always be remembered and loved as "Flo" and im sure many people at one point in their life will catch themselves qouting that famous line "Kiss mah Grits".Alice (1976) remained on the air for several more seasons but Holliday never returned, even to make a guest appearance.Holliday's successor, actress Diane Ladd (who had played "Flo" in the film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974), on which the television series was based but adopted the role of "Belle Dupree" for the series), also did not get along with Lavin, and left.In 1980, she was spun off into her own weekly series Flo, which lacked Alice's staying power and was cancelled after a single season.She went on to briefly replace Eileen After seeking out a modest living as a piano teacher in Alabama and Florida, Polly Holliday decided to switch her attention to acting.

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