Polyandrous dating dating on line the pitfalls

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As such, a man who exceeds a woman’s SMV, and creates a benchmark of her ‘ had this man – one for whom she has genuine, organic desire for – but she cannot consolidate on him (i.e.

We came to it because of the overwhelming number of married or LTR men who reported that their wife or girlfriend were pining for old lovers they thought were “, a woman’s intrinsic desire to balance the best quality sexual/reproductive male with the best provisioning/parentally invested male.

Sometimes the fantasy of that ideal will make a mental impression and sometimes a brief, seemingly insignificant, encounter with an ideal man may be enough to .

Sometimes the smallest brush with an ‘alpha’ male is enough to trigger the ‘what if?

If a woman’s is to be forced to reproduce with a lesser man, the next fear is to lose or miss out out on the opportunity to consolidate on monogamy with a high SMV man.

When I talk about how a woman will make rules for Betas, but break rules for Alphas this is the root of that principle.

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