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Furthermore, an important difference also do occur between the two species, marsupials and the placental mammals in their mode of reproduction.

Wund and Myers (2006: 2) further say that pregnancy in placental mammals interrupts the development of the oestrus cycle as opposed to pregnancy which does not interrupt the development of the oestrus cycle.

The occurrence of the short gestation is attributed to the development of the york in the type of reproduction.

Once the bill passes the United States Senate early next year, it will be up to Governor Doyle and the democratically controlled Wisconsin Legislature to appropriate additional funds so that Wisconsin qualifies for these federal training dollars.

Marsupials also give birth through a ''new median canal which is known as the pseudovaginal canal'' (Wund and Myers, 2006).

Both the right uterus and the left uterus are not fused in marsupials as opposed to the placental mammals; where fusion of both the right and the left uteri do occur differently.

Marsupials are not vertebrates while placental mammals are thought to be invertebrates. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia; 2006 May 09, UTC [cited 2006 May 11, ].

Gestation period in both species is also different. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia; 2006 May 07, UTC [cited 2006 May 11, ].

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