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These religious edicts treated non-Christians as uncivilized sub-humans, and therefore without rights to any land or nation.Christian leaders claimed a God-given right to take control of all lands and used these Papal Edicts to justify war, colonization, and even slavery of the people living in the conquered lands.This fact, alone, if proven, would have thrown the ownership of this great land up for grabs as the Papal Bulls would not have applied to the new world.Under the instructions of their religious “advisors,” the Spanish moved to eradicate the evidence of earlier settlements, thus making the new world safe for conquest.In spite of contemporary tales of others finding the new world, the Catholic Church through its major sponsors at the time, the Spanish court and the Jesuit brotherhood, were able to ensure that history would show that Christopher Columbus was the first to find the new world.Spain was his sponsor, and thus Spain was due a legal and rightful claim to the entire New World, including all riches and human slaves that could be found there.Almost 500 years before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, Leif Ericson explored the land west of Greenland and established a small settlement.More than 300 years before Columbus landed in Santo Domingo in 1492, a Welsh explorer navigated up Alabama’s Mobile Bay and established European styled fortifications and settlements as far north as the Ohio Valley.

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The information regarding this colonial effort comes from an engraved cross that was unearthed near present day Tucson, Arizona.Indeed, several portraits and chronicle entries by early journalists, particularly by Meriwether Lewis and George Caitlin, appear to depict light skinned, blue-eyed people in native attire living among the Mandan tribe of the Missouri River country.According to the story, hostile Indians killed Prince Madoc during an attack.This Bull gave the kings and princes of Europe the right to “discover” or claim land in non-Christian areas.This policy was further extended in the year 1452 when Pope Nicholas V issued a Papal Bull entitled , declaring war against all non-Christians throughout the world and authorizing the conquest of their nations and territories.

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