Prestige dating

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It’s a testament to the advantages that come with the format “Dating Around” is pioneering.

The show’s blend of typical reality mechanics with the docuseries style that streaming platforms have mastered allows for an eminently entertaining dating show experience.

“Dating Around” marks Netflix’s foray into reality television, but the show also represents a broader foray into something you could probably call Prestige Reality TV.

On the scripted side, Prestige TV defines critically acclaimed dramas like “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad,” shows that have come to characterize today’s “Golden Age” of television.

The idea of a status hierarchy governing the serious dating relationships of university-students is subjected to definitive test.

Drops, pinnings, and engagements all tend to occur disproportionately among persons from similar prestige levels.

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The findings hold both for Greek-affiliated and for independent students.

The degree of status homogamy tends to increase with the seriousness of the involvement.

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