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Not to worry however, as there looks to be several mods in development that will add realism to your marital beds.

In the meantime, you can download some extensions that will add some eye-candy to your experience.

While there is no “hot-coffee” available yet for Skyrim, give it some time and I’m sure that someone will create a mod that will give you the ability to enable full on relations in the game.

Of course, with the plethora of real women on the internet that are willing to bear it all, why would you need a video game mod?

Take a gander at the video above, courtesy of You Tuber Pinrose331.

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Again while you can tie the knot in the game, consummating the relationship is not something that Bethesda has included.

It's a real pity for all those GTA Fans in Australia though.

Reports are beginning to appear over the net: Computer And Video However investigating the OFLC's official site, it shows the rating is still confirmed as MA 15 Now that GTA San Andreas is labeled an adult game ( meaning it's going to be very tough to get a copy for the time being ), politicians and anti violence activists around the world have seized the opportunity to attack violent games.

No More Hot Anyways, this patch also fixes a few bugs: ADDITIONS - Added support for 720p and 1080i HDTV resolutions (may also do 1080p, not sure). BUGS FIXED *Issue fixed on machines where the OS has been updated (one OS installed over top of another) and has 2 registry keys that point to the users "My Documents" folder (we incorrectly used to assume the Win2000 folder, now correctly uses the last installed OS folder) - users know this as "user account period bug".

*Crash when entering advanced display options with only 32 meg of video ram (32 meg of video ram is not supported and will only allow use of 640*480 in 16 and 32 bit.

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