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View full article → Most people think that women are naturally “choosier” than men.

And that an attractive woman can get almost any man she wants, but a man has to have a lot going for him AND have great “game.” Guess what?

While that can be exciting at first eventually it just becomes exhausting.

As we like to say “Opposites attract, and then they attack” Compatibility isn’t really about shared affinities. More often sharing some of the same interests and hobbies promotes interpersonal chemistry between two people.

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If you don’t have a broad base of compatibility with your partner your relationship may not suffer today. When you look at e Harmony’s 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility, you find: Conflict Resolution, Physical Energy (i.e., likelihood to sleep a lot or a little), and Traditionalism (which has a big aspect of spirituality or religiosity).There are also closely related characteristics like Industriousness and Ambition, which relate to how you view money and hard work, and Sociability, which helps drive the interests and pastimes you have. Heisler proposes are important are taken into account in our matching system. First he states that two individuals who are exactly alike often get bored with their relationship, which implies that e Harmony wants to match people who are exactly alike. Every person is an individual; no two people are exactly alike.Can men and women ever be friends without sex or feelings getting in the way?Is it possible to make opposite sex friendships that are enjoyable and stress-free?

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