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“The Queen Latifah Show,” her syndicated daytime talker for Sony Pictures Television, shuttered last year after two seasons.Latifah is still disappointed that the talkshow, her second attempt in the genre, didn’t run longer.“We work to make sure everyone’s connected and everything happens,” Latifah says. If we all elevate each other, it keeps going.” Flavor Unit is housed in a prime location on the Sony lot in Culver City, where she and Shakim Compere, her best friend and business partner, oversee 10 employees working on film, TV and music productions.The walls of the office are lined with posters of the movies they’ve produced, from 2004’s “The Cookout” to this year’s “Brotherly Love,” as well as their TV shows, like “Single Ladies.” Latifah says she knew early on that she would have to take control of her career if she wanted to make it on her own, and enlisted her high school friend Compere to help.

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J., to a high school teacher mother and police officer father.Shortly after its cancellation, media outlets reported that she paid some staff members out of her own pocket through the holidays. “Look, I was appreciative of how hard everybody worked, and felt we should be proud of what we did.It was bad timing, holidays were coming, and we wanted to make sure everyone would be OK through the New Year.” But around the same time, a long-in-the works project was finally coming together.It famously took 20 years for “Bessie” to make it to the screen.Producers Lili and Richard Zanuck (“Driving Miss Daisy”) first approached Latifah with the project when she was just 22, believing she was the only person who could fully embody the complex Smith.

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