Quiz score not updating flash as2

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I'd have to check in further either your course or my coding of my LMS... In that test, current Section Num (without converting it as a Number) got a "0", which is fine, and current Slide Num got a ".s" which is... So I tweaked it to the following: Thanks very much for the time spent on this.

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Basically, the role of this function is to kick start all the necessary variables and states in the game.

You can see that we set both the score to 0, because, well, at the start of the game, you should start with 0 score.

Likewise, the win labelled frame will call start Win. We often refrain from writing codes in the FLA file so that everything can be seen in the AS file, and it helps tremendously in debugging your codes.

Basically, the function calls here only set up the codes for the buttons in that frame to make them function. This will be the heaviest start-kind-of-function as you can see.

There is usually a spread of cards , with multiple sets of two same design, and you have a number of tries to open up any two cards at a time, hoping they match. life is a variable which tracks how many times a player gets to flip open the cards to find matches.

Inside should be the sco file, manifest, and flash folder among others. Could be some kind of config problem on my end so I'll re-check later.There seems to be a problem with the bookmarking in the course and how it's interpreted by the LMS. (the one that takes Na N), is it on current Section Num? It's not present on that Java Script code you posted.If this sounds familiar I'd really appreciate some direction to where the problem may lie. Thanks in advance Brian I can't post a link to the LMS course to replicate the error but this is a version on the content. And which is exactly the line that does the printing? Also in the same JS code, you're assigning the "lesson_location" variable the direct value of "lesson_location" and then comparing it vs an integer (0), when it's always a string (best case is "0") because every SCORM variable is a string.setup Game is a function that when called, looks at what movieclips you have on stage, and pushes them into the cards array if they are of the type Card.card Values is initialised with all matching pairs of strings from "card1" to "card7" because we're starting off with 14 cards.

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