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1) manually cancel the old DLL 2) manually add the newest DLL 3) remove the line in the webconfig referringto the...asp.net-mvc,kendo-ui,telerik,kendo-grid I guessing this is because of theme you have selected?This command will read project.properties file from the specified shared library folder and will add a reference to it in your...javascript,post,telerik,kendo-grid Uncaught Type Error: Cannot read property 'Discount Value' of undefined This error doesn't mean there is no field 'Discount Value', it means you are trying to read a property of an undefined variable. Discount Value It means options.models is undefined. c#,asp.net,telerik,telerik-ajax If you need details about the innards of the code, download the source from your account, open the project, add it to your solution, reference it and start it in debug mode.

As such, it needs to be downloaded and added with tns library add /path/to/the/sidebar.Note the Selected Value property of the dropdown lists.Or, just use the Insert Command event, access the controls ( and use their values to compile the query yourself.... Pre Init - Raised after the start stage is complete...kendo-ui,telerik,kendo-grid Here is the response I got from Telerik support: You will need to trigger the change event as well, as the Grid listens for it in order to update the value.Please see the updated example here: Uk E var units = e.container.find("[name='Units In Stock']").data("kendo Numeric Text Box"); units.value( unit-testing,telerik,justmock Be sure you have enabled the profiler from the menu.

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