Radioactive dating in the united states

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Of course, every living thing requires carbon from the environment.

Plants absorb the carbon through their leaves and inherently absorb some radioactive carbon as well, which is then eaten by herbivores, and then of course, the carnivores eat the creatures that eat the plants.

The point is, carbon is used by every living organism, and a little bit of it is radioactive carbon-14.

Naturally, as discussed, alcohol is distilled from plants, plants that contain radioactive carbon.

However, those who were able to metabolize alcohol had a longer and larger access to fruit since aged fruit could be eaten which many animals dared not touch.Any non-radioactive alcohol means it was made from dinosaur remains that have been stowed away long enough to decay away all the radioactivity.Because of this phenomena, checking for radioactivity is the best way to tell when an alcohol was made by using carbon dating.The result is a carbon-14 atom: a heavier and slightly radioactive form of carbon with a half-life of a few thousand years before it decays back into nitrogen.This process is constantly taking place, resulting in about one part per trillion becoming this radioactive isotope.

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