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As Lindsay Denninger previously reported for Bustle, Madison later told a fan on Instagram why she and Austen gave each other second chances."Like every relationship — we have went through a few bumps in the road to get where we are now.Most of the couple's new joint photos started appearing in March and April of this year, so that could be around the time when they reconciled.Depending on when finished filming, it may not make it to when they got back together.

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Regardless of your opinions regarding dating vs courting, the fact of the matter is there is often too much ambiguity surrounding romantic intentions, so much so that it can be unclear whether the other person sees you as ‘just a friend’ or something more.

Austen seemed flustered by the question, eventually answering, "We'll just see."The two are pretty chummy on Instagram, though, so it definitely could be leading to "the one" territory.

Yep, that's Austen and Madison with Naomie and Kathryn and some of their other friends in late April.

While a bit taken aback, I was pleased by his directness; but up til that point I wasn’t sure what his intentions were.

I’ll admit part of my confusion was due to conflicting advice I was receiving from mutual friends – some saying his attention was clearly a romantic pursuit and others telling me he had several female friends and often spent time with them, and this was nothing more than that.

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